About Us

ZOD Culture is an explicitly anti-exclusionary project. It actively seeks to carve out a space for  passionate and critical creative production in a socio-politically active environment.

This publication functions on two major trajectories: The first is a celebration of creative endeavours – and the artists behind such endeavours – the musician, the painter, the photographer, the designer, the film-maker, and the writer. The second is to drive social change by fusing creativity with critical thought to facilitate informative discussions regarding socio-political topics in an attempt to offer alternatives to mainstream perceptions. We challenge empathy-lacking, binary-invoking reporting, unveiling the frequently-ignored complexities of past and present events that are constructing our current and prospective realities.

Today we have built a community of contributors branching across the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Pakistan, Kenya and Germany. As we continue to cultivate this ever-growing international network of creative freethinkers – who are in constant contact with one another, who are eager to share their ideas, critiques and unique experiences – It is our aim to design a truly multifaceted platform of expression. Our community is not simply made up of our readership. Our community is composed of those who speak up and speak loudly, whether their mouthpiece is a pen, a brush, a camera or a keyboard and mouse. This is your platform just as much as it is the platform of those who created it.