Thank You.

I’m not a fan of Jane Eyre. I love Lottes’s writing style and the inner workings of the main character she loosely based on herself, but quite frankly I find Victorian literature incredibly dull; the mundane imagery, the formulaic conflict between classes. The only time I ever recall being drawn to the genre is if a strong female protagonist was present; even then by page three I would begin to regret my £2 purchase from the Salvation Army. However I owe Charlotte Bronte a celestial high five; as it was on the brink of chronic boredom induced by Jane Eyre that ZOD Culture broke the banks of my self conscience and began to flood my minds eye. Ideas were racing through my head, disappearing as quickly as they were appearing. In an attempt to capture and recollect these ideas I dropped the book and put pen to paper, marking the conception of ZOD Culture.

A year prior to being introduced to Jane, I scribbled down a rough idea onto a piece of lined paper. The basic premise of this idea was to create an entity that continuously projected ideas and opinions whilst consistently putting forth an inquisitive rhetoric. I stuck this sheet of paper at the back of my journal and in all honesty, I had completely forgotten about it. Needless to say this idea resurfaced and manifested into what you see before you today.

Blue = Countries ZC has reached.  White = Countries ZC has yet to reach.

Blue = Countries ZC has reached.
White = Countries ZC has yet to reach.

It’s been just over a month since ZOD Culture went live and I am overwhelmed with the way our contributors and supporters have responded to the project. Make no mistake, ZOD Culture is not the product of a singular individual, it took a group of like-minded creatives six months to produce a promotional video; to find initial contributors; to design the site; to construct our introductory package and to bring together a dedicated team of editors and designers.

zod original-2A sincere thank you to all of our supporters and contributors that played an active roll in the rapid progression of this strategy to tackle ignorance and project new ideas. We welcome all our future supporters and contributors from all over the globe as you are the main ingredient in this slow cooking recipe for change. We are ZOD Culture and we are happy to be here.

Cheers, Lotte.