Diggie Delight: A Guide to Egg-cellent Support

Diggie Delight: A Guide to Egg-cellent Support

Ever met Diggie, the egg-laying maestro in Mobile Legends? While other heroes hog the spotlight, our feathered friend Diggie quietly holds the fort as an awesome support. In this guide, we’ll crack open the secrets to mastering Diggie’s egg-ceptional skills, turning you into the ultimate guardian of your team!

Diggie Skills to Shine in the Shell:

Diggie’s got a bag of tricks to keep your team safe and sound:

Time Bomb: Toss a surprise bomb that stuns enemies. Perfect for messing up enemy plans and securing your turf.

Reverse Time: This ultimate move sends allies back in time, undoing enemy attacks. Imagine saving a friend from a nasty hook or dodging a deadly Fanny ult.

Excited Egg: Diggie turns into an egg, taking a break from the action. Use it to spy on enemies, take hits for your pals, or trick foes into wasting their big moves in Mobile Legends.

Building the Ultimate Nest:

To boost Diggie’s protective powers, gear up wisely:

Early Game: Get Enchanted Talisman, Rapid Boots, and Antique Cuirass for mana, mobility, and early tankiness.

Mid Game: Athena’s Shield for magic defense, Dominating Ice for slowing foes, and Immortality for a second chance in tight spots.

Late Game: Winter Truncheon for extra invincibility, Radiant Armor for more magic defense, and Cursed Helmet for hurting HP-heavy enemies.

Adjust your gear based on who you’re up against and what your COIN33 team needs. Sneak in a damage item like Fleeting Time if you want to surprise enemies!

Emblem Magic:

Pick the Tank emblem for Diggie’s emblematic style. Go for Agility, Fortress, and Inspire for a blend of speed, health, and extra kick in your support game.

Combos for Chaos:

Diggie’s skills can create a spectacular show on the battlefield:

Egg-plosive Escape: Toss Excited Egg into the enemy crowd, then blow them up with Time Bomb for a stunning display. Your team can use the chaos to their advantage!

Ultimate Rewind Surprise: When a buddy’s in trouble, hit Reverse Time and follow it up with Excited Egg. Your teammate gets a safe getaway while you take the hits. Talk about teamwork!

The Bait and Switch: Fool enemies into thinking you’re attacking with Time Bomb, then slip into Excited Egg. When they waste their moves on the egg, surprise them with a sneak attack from your team.

The Diggie Dance:

Now, the real magic happens when you master the dance moves:

Be the Annoying Fly: Buzz around enemies, poke them with Time Bomb, and annoy them out of their comfort zones. Your nagging can create space for your buddies and mess with the enemy’s plans.

Become the Unsung Hero: You’re not here for damage. Focus on shielding your friends, starting team fights with well-placed bombs, and using Reverse Time at the perfect moment.

Egg-cellent Vision: Use Excited Egg to peek at objectives, cover blind spots, and trick enemies into showing themselves. Who knew an egg could be so smart?

Diggie might not be the flashiest hero, but his egg-citing abilities can turn the tables in any battle. So, embrace the egg-master, practice those shell-shocking combos, and be the guardian your team needs to conquer the Land of Dawn. Happy gaming, egg-spert players!