Warning About Bad Fruit Packs Making Kids Sick

Bad fruit packs. Health experts in the US are telling doctors to watch out for kids getting sick from fruit packs that have something dangerous called lead in them. 22 little kids got sick in different states after eating these packs, and it’s worrying.

Trouble with Lead

There’s this thing called lead that’s not good for kids. Some of these sick kids had a lot of this lead in their blood, much more than what’s safe. Even a small amount of lead can be really bad for kids.

Feeling Sick

The kids who ate these packs felt bad, with things like headaches, feeling sick in their stomach, and other problems. Some kids might feel okay even if they ate the bad packs.

Problem with Some Brands

The trouble is with certain fruit packs that got recalled. Brands like WanaBana and Schnucks and Weis had these packs that made kids sick. They sold in stores and online.

Advice for Grown-Ups

Doctors are saying it’s really important for grown-ups to not give these fruit packs to kids. And if any kids ate these, they should see a doctor to check if they have too much lead in their bodies, even if they don’t feel sick.

Why Lead is Bad

Lead is dangerous, especially for kids’ brains and how they behave. It can come from different places like dirt, air, water, or factories. Even a little bit of lead in food can be very harmful for kids, doctors say.

Where it Happened

In lots of different places like Alabama, Arkansas, and more, kids got sick from eating these bad fruit packs.

Staying Safe

This warning is really important to stop more kids from getting sick. Parents and grown-ups need to know about these bad fruit packs to keep kids safe. Lead in the body is serious and needs to be taken seriously right away.